What is hypnosis? Is it the same as hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a natural state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness , together with  an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. In other words, during hypnosis, we feel more relaxed and focused and less open to external distractions, whilst responding more effectively to positive suggestions we hear. The use of hypnotism for therapeutic purposes is referred to as “hypnotherapy

Who is hypnosis suitable for?

Most people can potentially benefit from using hypnosis. You don’t need to have special skills  or any prior knowledge. There are however a limited number of individuals for whom this healing modality is contra indicated. These include those with any form of psychosis or severe mental health issue.

If you are in any doubts about your suitability for this type of therapy, please discuss this with your physician prior to using any of our programmes.

Can I be hypnotised?

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Hypnosis is whether or not  everyone be hypnotised. Some people are adamant that they can’t be and are adamant that hypnosis will never work for them.   Everyone can be hypnotised, theoretically, so there’s no physical reason why everyone can’t be put into a hypnotic state. But there may be psychological reasons that someone is resistant to being hypnotised which might make it very difficult for that person to relax enough to enter a true hypnotic state.   Usually people who are certain that they can’t be hypnotised have a deep seated need for control and think that if they allow themselves to be hypnotised they will be giving up control so they will never allow themselves to relax enough to get to the hypnotic state. For these individuals, they often respond better to programmes where they can listen and experience them alone, in the absence of therapists and third parties who they fear might try to control them.

During hypnosis, it is important to know that you never give up control of your mind or body  and you’re never unconscious.  Your conscious mind is just very deeply relaxed and letting the subconscious mind come to the forefront.  So people that are very sure that can’t be hypnotised really can be hypnotized but not until they let go of their belief that being hypnotised means giving up control of themselves to someone else.

Can I get stuck in an hypnotic trance?

Getting stuck in an hypnotic trance and acting like a zombie is only a reality in the movies and the simple answer to whether someone can get stuck in a hypnotic trance indefinitely is “ no”. Trance happens naturally daily, and we do not get stuck in our daydream states, nor do we hear about or fear the idea of being stuck in a daydream state.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

Is hypnosis dangerous? Fear is one reason that people do not try hypnosis. People are often keen to discover how dangerous hypnosis is before they will consider treatment and this is perfectly understandable. It is only natural to want to determine the risks associated before embarking upon any treatment. We are able to say with clear conviction, that hypnosis has not been found to have any identifiable risks associated with it, when conducted in conjunction with a training professional, such as the programmes developed and provided by hypnotherapy healing.org.

Will I be made to do something stupid or that I don’t want to do?

Definitely not! A distinction should be clearly made between the clinical hypnotherapy based programmes available from hypnotherapyhealing.org and stage hypnotism. The former is focused solely on the positive benefits for the client, as clinical hypnosis is geared to treat the needs of the patient.

Many people ask this question because of how television and popular culture suggests what hypnosis is like. The media portray hypnosis as an agent of control and the hypnotherapist is shown using it to embarrass or harm the patient. This makes great drama, but does not make good therapy. Hypnotherapyhealing.org never uses any stage hypnotism techniques in its programmes.

What does hypnosis feel like?

It is probably easier to start answering this questions by saying what it is not like. It is not , then, at all like being asleep, although this is a very popular misconception. You can  hear what is being said during trance so your everyday awareness is still there.

Sometimes, the experts  voice seems distant and it is easy to forgot that  you are  listening to it.  Clients often also share that they lost track of time and a 30 minute track felt like it lasted only 5 minutes; this is all part of the relaxation process.

It is also the case that, when using clinical hypnotherapy, some people , especially those  who have reservations about their trance experience beforehand, usually have deeper more satisfactory experience of trance around the third session. This is why the hypnotherapy healing products are so effective because, unlike when you are in an expensive one to one session for a therapist that is over after an hour, here you can choose to listen over and over again, until you fully embrace the effects of the positive suggestions.

What if you don’t have a programme for my issue?

We offer lots of programmes across lots of different areas, but even we have to admit that we don’t cover everything, That’s why we also offer a bespoke programme service. Read more about our bespoke service here (link to appropriate page).

How can I access my recordings?

Once you select the programme you want and pay through PayPal, you will receive an email straightaway, providing immediate access to your downloads. You can then get started without delay.

Can I “try before I buy”?

Of course! All of our products offer a short, sample download on their programme highlights page.

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