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Akashic Records


Learn About Akashic Records

It has been suggested that the Akashic Records’ physical location here on Earth is somewhere in the vicinity of the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau. The mystic Edgar Cayce, who channelled many messages about the realm of Atlantis, spoke of the advanced technology and spiritual knowledge of the Atlanteans and the legend of the 13 crystal skulls that held all the knowledge and wisdom of humanity fascinates many of us today. It’s thought by many that survivors at the fall of Atlantis founded the magnificent civilisations of pre-dynastic and ancient Egypt. Thus there is a strong connection between crystal skulls and the Universal wisdom held in the Akashic Records.



Learn About The Akashic Records

This book has taken over eleven years to produce. During the Summer Solstice of 1993, I hosted a small gathering of my church community, The International Church of Ageless Wisdom, on my mountain property in Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, where I lived for twenty-eight years until 1999. The weekend was beautiful and extremely warm. The knowledge shared by outstanding teachers who traveled from numerous States assisted to create a fine learning atmosphere. However, my physical health was not in balance.

You Will Learn :

  • The Library of Akasha
  • How the Akashic Records are Read
  • Levels of Akashic Information
  • The Records of Your Births and Deaths
  • Your Soul’s Name
  • Your Natal Ray
  • Personal Origins
  • The Seal of Forgetfulness
  • The Reader’s Seal
  • Sealed Akashic Records
  • Other Uses of the Akashic Library
  • Earth’s Akashic Records

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